Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Finding Jeans That Fit

When looking for a good fitting pair of jeans we often encounter a few problems related to our body shape.  Here you can find a few tips to overcome those little "design" problems.

1. Problem: I have a Flat Butt
Solution: If you wear plus size jeans and you have a flattish bottom and your jeans always look bad from behind, you can boost a flat butty with strategically placed pockets that sit a little higher than normal, so your butty looks rounder.  
Another trick to give the illusion of a curvier butt is to wear jeans with curved back pockets as opposed to square pockets. Decorated back pockets also bring emphasis to your butt. 
2. Problem: I am Plus size and want to wear the latest fashionable coloured jeans 
Solution: If you want to go with the latest fashion trends you too can wear plus size coloured jeans, the trick to look good is wearing  a monochrome look to smooth your figure and give the impression of a slimmer you. 
For example if you want to wear green jeans you should aim to wear a green top and green shoes.  The only rule to look fashionable in one colour is to wear different shades of your chosen colour.  If you are heavy at the top and slimmer at the bottom try wearing a darker shade top with lighter jeans.  Conversely if you have a slim top and wide hips wear a light colour t-shirt or blouse on top and reserve the darker shade for your jeans. 

a monochrome look

3. Problem: I have short chubby legs.
Solution: Wearing the same shade of colour for jeans and shoes will elongate your legs instead of visually "cutting" them.  
High heels will also create the illusion of longer slimmer legs. 

High Platform heels make legs look longer and slimmer Under a slightly flared jean
3. Problem: I don't know how to wear boot cut jeans
Solution:  Whenever you can, try to wear your boot cut jeans and flared jeans with high heels.  The hem of your jeans should almost touch the floor in a way that only the points of your shoes show up beneath it.  This will give the illusion of longer slimmer legs. 
If you aim for comfort when wearing your jeans, remember that you can even wear them with a pair of pretty wedge-heel flip flops.   

4. Problem: I have a big Tummy
Solution: To help disguise a big tummy go for high-waist jeans

 5. Problem: What top should I wear?
Solution: Keep in mind that even if you find the perfect pair of jeans that fit your curves your look will be enhanced or ruined according to the rest of your outfit and accessories.  This is why it is very important to wear your jeans with the perfect top for your body shape. 
As a rule of thumb find a top that comfortably covers the top of your waistband so it doesn’t wriggle up and shows off what you don’t want it to show. 
Also to avoid are camouflage tops: too big, too long; only give the illusion of a bigger person trying to hide under her top. 
Try to find well structured tops that sit nicely below your waistband and above your butt. 

Things too avoid when buying plus size jeans

  • Low rise jeans: they tend to give a muffin-top
  • Baggy jeans: they will only make you look bigger than what you are.
  • Avoid horizontal fading which will give the impression of wider areas. 
  • Beware of pockets spaced too far apart — they'll broaden any butt

For more advice on finding the perfect fitting pair of jeans you can visit Jeans that fit

Jeans made to Measure

While looking for plus size jeans online I found a great site: make your own  A site where you can order your jeans made to measure for a very affordable price.  I have not yet tried the site but the reviews are very encouraging.