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Tips For Finding Dresses For Plus Size Women

Finding Plus Size Dresses

Finding the perfect fitting dress is not always easy. If you are over a size 14, the task can be rather frustrating. Going into shops where all the nice dresses are in small sizes and all that is left for bigger sizes is shapeless dresses can be enervating if not frustrating.

Clothes should enhance and not inhibit. Your clothes should make you look and feel good, and your personal style should not be compromised by your size. Pick your best asset, maybe shapely legs or a curvy bust and flaunt it!

If You Are Busty:

If you are a busty woman, you already know that sometimes it is not enough finding plus size garments to obtain a perfect fit. This is especially true if you have a large bust and a slim bottom half. There can be a great difference in sizes between your upper and bottom half. But do not panic. It doesn't mean that you cannot wear a dress and you should limit yourself to two piece garments. The trick to flattering your shape is to pick the right cut and material.
Queen Latifah Wearing A Blue Dress

The Cut:

Low necklines and u-shaped necklines look well on busty ladies.
Halter dresses will lift the bust and provide excellent support.
To highlight your bust line tastefully, you can choose dresses with lace on the neckline.
It is also to your advantage to wear fitted dresses around the bust. Like model Kate Upton (below) This will define nicely your upper area and draw the eye to your best assets.
Wear dresses with wide straps as they will minimize your upper body and also they can help you hide your bra straps from view.
Wrap dresses are indispensable for a busty woman. They are absolutely great. Make sure you get the right size with slightly loose sleeves.
If you are on a budget, a few wrap dresses in solid colours can form your wardrobe basics. You can wear them alone for summer and with a little cardigan or shawl for mid-season. For winter, you can wear them with a thick cardigan, or with a tight fitting polo neck t-shirt inside.

A high waistline hides a problematic tummy area

A Problem Tummy area:

If you are big around the tummy area, you should look for dresses with a high waistline, like Empire style dresses. This style will not only make your bust look higher, but it can disguise a problem tummy.
Look at the photo on the right, the same Gucci dress looks superb on both celebrities because of the flattering cut. There is not need to be slim to look great!


Simple jersey dresses look smashing on a curvy frame. They skimp over "problem areas". They'll make you look slimmer if worn correctly.

For a selection of plus size dresses, you can click here.

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Finding Jeans That Fit

When looking for a good fitting pair of jeans we often encounter a few problems related to our body shape.  Here you can find a few tips to overcome those little "design" problems.

1. Problem: I have a Flat Butt
Solution: If you wear plus size jeans and you have a flattish bottom and your jeans always look bad from behind, you can boost a flat butty with strategically placed pockets that sit a little higher than normal, so your butty looks rounder.  
Another trick to give the illusion of a curvier butt is to wear jeans with curved back pockets as opposed to square pockets. Decorated back pockets also bring emphasis to your butt. 
2. Problem: I am Plus size and want to wear the latest fashionable coloured jeans 
Solution: If you want to go with the latest fashion trends you too can wear plus size coloured jeans, the trick to look good is wearing  a monochrome look to smooth your figure and give the impression of a slimmer you. 
For example if you want to wear green jeans you should aim to wear a green top and green shoes.  The only rule to look fashionable in one colour is to wear different shades of your chosen colour.  If you are heavy at the top and slimmer at the bottom try wearing a darker shade top with lighter jeans.  Conversely if you have a slim top and wide hips wear a light colour t-shirt or blouse on top and reserve the darker shade for your jeans. 

a monochrome look

3. Problem: I have short chubby legs.
Solution: Wearing the same shade of colour for jeans and shoes will elongate your legs instead of visually "cutting" them.  
High heels will also create the illusion of longer slimmer legs. 

High Platform heels make legs look longer and slimmer Under a slightly flared jean
3. Problem: I don't know how to wear boot cut jeans
Solution:  Whenever you can, try to wear your boot cut jeans and flared jeans with high heels.  The hem of your jeans should almost touch the floor in a way that only the points of your shoes show up beneath it.  This will give the illusion of longer slimmer legs. 
If you aim for comfort when wearing your jeans, remember that you can even wear them with a pair of pretty wedge-heel flip flops.   

4. Problem: I have a big Tummy
Solution: To help disguise a big tummy go for high-waist jeans

 5. Problem: What top should I wear?
Solution: Keep in mind that even if you find the perfect pair of jeans that fit your curves your look will be enhanced or ruined according to the rest of your outfit and accessories.  This is why it is very important to wear your jeans with the perfect top for your body shape. 
As a rule of thumb find a top that comfortably covers the top of your waistband so it doesn’t wriggle up and shows off what you don’t want it to show. 
Also to avoid are camouflage tops: too big, too long; only give the illusion of a bigger person trying to hide under her top. 
Try to find well structured tops that sit nicely below your waistband and above your butt. 

Things too avoid when buying plus size jeans

  • Low rise jeans: they tend to give a muffin-top
  • Baggy jeans: they will only make you look bigger than what you are.
  • Avoid horizontal fading which will give the impression of wider areas. 
  • Beware of pockets spaced too far apart — they'll broaden any butt

For more advice on finding the perfect fitting pair of jeans you can visit Jeans that fit

Jeans made to Measure

While looking for plus size jeans online I found a great site: make your own  A site where you can order your jeans made to measure for a very affordable price.  I have not yet tried the site but the reviews are very encouraging. 


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The Maxi Floral Dress In Plus Size.

Maxi dresses are fashionable again. If you wear plus size clothing AND you are tall you can wear a maxi floral dress. Small plus size women will just drown in a maxi dress regardless of the size of the floral print. Only tall girls can carry off a maxi dress and look good in it.

  • If you want to wear a maxi floral dress go for dresses that enhance your bust. Like the one above where the bodice is shaped with flattering pleats 
  • Go for deep V necklines or deep scoops to draw attention and elongate your upper body. Again, the dress above is a good example.
  • Another way of bringing attention to your upper body if you have a small bust is to wear a dress with decorations on the bust.
  • If you have a toned upper body, make the most of it and go for fancy shoulder straps to bring attention to your bust.
  • If you are hourglass shaped, then bring attention to your curves accentuating your waist with a thin belt (like the dress below) or a dress cut to accentuate your curves. 

Plus Size Vintage Dress 1970s Floral Maxi Dress
from   DollFaceProductions  at

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Plus Size Floral Dresses and how to wear them

Plus Size Floral Dresses

Floral Dress from La Redoute - France
Are you wondering how to go from those dark winter shades worn all winter to lighter spring/summer shades in style? For a soft transition from the gloomy winter to sunnier days, floral dresses and accessories are the best things to keep your wardrobe stylish and up to date.
One of the spring/summer must-have items for this year is the floral dress. We have seen them on the catwalks and we are starting to see them worn by celebrities almost everywhere. Just have a glimpse at any celebrity magazine and you will spot the fashion icons wearing their floral dresses teamed up with dark tights –to keep the cold away and add a glam look- and chunky heels for a romantic twist.

Plus size Floral Dresses

If you wear plus size clothes and you usually go for solid and dark colours, wearing a floral dress would be a big change. Do not be afraid of adding colour to your wardrobe as plus size women can also wear floral dresses and look stunning if they know how to choose the right floral print to suit their shapes, the right material to skim over their bumps and the right cuts to enhance their curves. Don’t wait any longer to banish those black layers and unleash your inner spring/summer style, go fancy in florals!

How to wear Floral Dresses

Floral dresses are very versatile. A floral dress looks great as a beach cover, a working dress, a day out dress and even as a night out dress. It all depends of the materials, cuts and accessories you wear.
Even if you invest in only one floral dress for this season you will be surprised at how many times and in how many different ways you can wear the same dress.
  • The simplest way to wear a floral dress is on its own with summery sandals. This looks great at the beach.

  • To wear a floral dress for work, team it up with chunky high heels -to elongate your figure- and a soft single colour cardigan to achieve a romantic look.

  • For a night out, you can wear your floral dress with stilettos and a shawl. Accessorize with a nice little clutch handbag.

Tips for wearing a plus size floral dress

The most important thing when wearing a plus size floral dress is to keep your silhouette balanced. Here are a few tips to achieve that:
  • Try to wear floral prints in one shade rather than multiple colours. Look at the example bellow. Pierce Brosnan’s wife manages to look stunning wearing a green floral dress and coat.  
Pierce Brosnan’s wife: the Same Dress yet different outfits
  • Wear solid colour accessories with your floral dress. Team up your floral dress with a simple cardigan to cover up when it gets cool or just to cover up small bumps or an irregular body shape and have a sleeker look like Mischa Barton and her figure hugging floral dress. 
Floral dress and long black cardigan

More Tips for wearing a plus size floral dress

  • Lightweight flowing materials that skip over your curves are much flattering than heavy materials. For example, a silk floral dress which just skims over your hips will give you that fresh summer/spring look that you are hoping to achieve.
  • Wear flattering cuts for your shape. For example, if you have a small torso, an empire dress will emphasize your slimmest part and gracefully skim over heavier areas. Another favourite is the wrap dress in a lightweight material. If you have a heavy bottom, a dress with a loose skirt will minimize your rear and thighs.
  • If you are not sure about going for a total floral look, try wearing floral patterns on the top or bottom depending on where your slimmest area is. For example if you have a heavy top, go for a solid colour on top and a floral pattern on bottom. If you are heavier on the bottom and have a slim torso, go for a dress with floral patterns on top and a solid colour for the skirt. 
  • If you are short, avoid big prints unless they have just one or two flowers like the dress on the right. 
  • Wear small flower prints. Small prints look good in plus size women. Very small flowers will balance your figure.
  • If you prefer to slowly introduce floral prints into your wardrobe without abandoning the security of your solid colour dresses, try livening up a single colour dress with a floral print cardigan. You could also add the floral feel to your look accessorizing your dresses with floral print shoes –so 50s and fashionable- floral handbags or a straw hat with a flower and a ribbon.

Where to Buy a plus size floral dress

If you want to buy plus size dresses Get the Hottest Plus Size Dresses at for any occasion! Shop now! and Be Beautiful, Be Bold, Be You, Trendy Plus Size Women's Fashion at , the best place to find fashionable clothing for young women size 12 to 28. With Torrid style, size is no limit to how fabulous you can be.
Torrid has a unique women’s plus-size fashion line inspired by fashion icons, runway shows, music and pop culture. Now, they have also added to their own collection styles from hot labels like Betsey Johnson and Jezebel. Torrid is the destination for trendy plus-size fashion.

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Improve your life learning a sexy dance

Why should I dance?

Let me give you a few reasons why you should learn a sexy dance to improve your mood and general wellbeing. I am sure that you will agree with me and very soon you will be on your way to“cha-cha” yourself into a happier and more confident person.

1) Anyone can dance regardless of age and physical ability. My grandmother, aged 80 is the Queen of the parties; no one can stop her dancing all night long.

2) Dance is one of the most gentle and fun ways to exercise. It stretches and tones the whole body without building bulky muscles.

3) Dancing is a type of aerobic exercise because it increases your heart rate.

4) You do not need any special equipment to get you started. All you need is the willingness to dance and have fun.

5) You can dance alone at home, with a partner or with friends or on stage. You can do it at any time and to any rhythm, choose the rhythm that better suits your abilities and personality.

6) When you are dancing, you learn to have control over your body; therefore you become more confident about your body movements.

7) Dancing improves the quality of your movements.

8) Dancing forces you to breathe correctly.

9) Dancing is good for your skin. Do you remember the last time you danced? Did you become beetroot red? Well, that is good for your skin. It means that your body is sending more blood to your skin surface in order to cool you down so oxygen multiplies to fill the smallest capillaries of your skin.

10) When you start dancing regularly, you will be conditioning your body and at the same time discovering you have more energy and vitality.

11) Dancing releases a hormone in your body called noradrenalina which gives you a natural high that makes you more alert and increases your sense of wellbeing.

12) Dancing decreases your feeling of hunger. Not only can you not eat while you are dancing but the noradrenalina released by your body acts like a natural appetite suppressant.

13) Dancing raises beta-endorphin levels in the body, which help you to relax and sleep better. Therefore, dancing provides mental relaxation.

14) Most types of dance strengthen the stomach muscles giving you a leaner figure and improving your body posture.

15) Dancing is a type of exercise that is always building up in difficulty. You start with some basic steps and you can try more complicated ones as your muscles strengthen.

16) Dancing helps to clean your body through sweat. Sweat also helps lubricate your skin, a very valuable function as a person ages and the skin becomes drier.

17) Regular dancing is synonym with cardiovascular fitness.

18) Regular dancing increases the mineral content in your bones making problems such as osteoporosis less likely.

19) Regular dancing makes joints more flexible.

20) Dancing burns up stored fat.

Do you need any more reasons to bring out your dancing shoes? Actually, for some dances like belly dancing you don’t even need shoes!
Learn here step by step how to dance sexy:
Some sexy dances that you can try regardless of your fitness level

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How to be brilliantly disruptive: Be disruptive, be yourself do not play by other's rules... Make your own.

To be brilliantly disruptive, make your own rules, the rules of the game.

  • Say NO. If you do not want to do something do not accept just to please others. Put yourself first. This by no means is to be selfish. You are just asserting yourself. If you dread going to Christmas dinner at your mother's in law every year, this year just say NO. I am not going and have your own Christmas dinner. Your husband might be upset at the start but in the long term you will have gained his respect for being able to stand up for yourself.

  • Trust yourself. Trust your feelings.

  • Do not fade into the shadows, make yourself noticeable and formidable. If people see that you cannot be intimidated... they will not try to intimidate you.

  • Feel the right to be yourself, to take what you want, to want what you always dreamt. 
  • Be Beautiful, Be Bold, Be You, Trendy Plus Size Women's Fashion at Wear vivid colours: red instead of pink, blue instead of turquoise, yellow instead of mustard.   Vivid colours convey strength as opposed to "camouflage" and pastel colours which send a message of uncertainty on the wearer's part

  • Enhance your strengths, stand tall, be proud of who you are. 

  • Build strength and authority into your voice talking louder to make sure you are heard.  Use declarations and statements instead of questions.  Speak in declarations and others will take you seriously because they know that you mean what you say. 

  • Do not limit your desires, instead find a way of valuing them.

  • Learn the distinction between the things in your power and those things that are not in your power.  There is no point on setting your heart on those things where you do not have any power (like a lovers attitude towards you or your health) Concentrate on those things that you can control. 

  • Ask for Everething because nothing less is worth having!  If you don't ask for things you will never get them.  People are drawn to big ideas and adventures, go for big things!

For more tips on how to improve your self esteem check my article on  How to be brilliantly disruptive on HubPages.