Thursday, August 27, 2015

Tips For Finding Dresses For Plus Size Women

Finding Plus Size Dresses

Finding the perfect fitting dress is not always easy. If you are over a size 14, the task can be rather frustrating. Going into shops where all the nice dresses are in small sizes and all that is left for bigger sizes is shapeless dresses can be enervating if not frustrating.

Clothes should enhance and not inhibit. Your clothes should make you look and feel good, and your personal style should not be compromised by your size. Pick your best asset, maybe shapely legs or a curvy bust and flaunt it!

If You Are Busty:

If you are a busty woman, you already know that sometimes it is not enough finding plus size garments to obtain a perfect fit. This is especially true if you have a large bust and a slim bottom half. There can be a great difference in sizes between your upper and bottom half. But do not panic. It doesn't mean that you cannot wear a dress and you should limit yourself to two piece garments. The trick to flattering your shape is to pick the right cut and material.
Queen Latifah Wearing A Blue Dress

The Cut:

Low necklines and u-shaped necklines look well on busty ladies.
Halter dresses will lift the bust and provide excellent support.
To highlight your bust line tastefully, you can choose dresses with lace on the neckline.
It is also to your advantage to wear fitted dresses around the bust. Like model Kate Upton (below) This will define nicely your upper area and draw the eye to your best assets.
Wear dresses with wide straps as they will minimize your upper body and also they can help you hide your bra straps from view.
Wrap dresses are indispensable for a busty woman. They are absolutely great. Make sure you get the right size with slightly loose sleeves.
If you are on a budget, a few wrap dresses in solid colours can form your wardrobe basics. You can wear them alone for summer and with a little cardigan or shawl for mid-season. For winter, you can wear them with a thick cardigan, or with a tight fitting polo neck t-shirt inside.

A high waistline hides a problematic tummy area

A Problem Tummy area:

If you are big around the tummy area, you should look for dresses with a high waistline, like Empire style dresses. This style will not only make your bust look higher, but it can disguise a problem tummy.
Look at the photo on the right, the same Gucci dress looks superb on both celebrities because of the flattering cut. There is not need to be slim to look great!


Simple jersey dresses look smashing on a curvy frame. They skimp over "problem areas". They'll make you look slimmer if worn correctly.

For a selection of plus size dresses, you can click here.

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