Monday, October 24, 2011

How to be brilliantly disruptive: Be disruptive, be yourself do not play by other's rules... Make your own.

To be brilliantly disruptive, make your own rules, the rules of the game.

  • Say NO. If you do not want to do something do not accept just to please others. Put yourself first. This by no means is to be selfish. You are just asserting yourself. If you dread going to Christmas dinner at your mother's in law every year, this year just say NO. I am not going and have your own Christmas dinner. Your husband might be upset at the start but in the long term you will have gained his respect for being able to stand up for yourself.

  • Trust yourself. Trust your feelings.

  • Do not fade into the shadows, make yourself noticeable and formidable. If people see that you cannot be intimidated... they will not try to intimidate you.

  • Feel the right to be yourself, to take what you want, to want what you always dreamt. 
  • Be Beautiful, Be Bold, Be You, Trendy Plus Size Women's Fashion at Wear vivid colours: red instead of pink, blue instead of turquoise, yellow instead of mustard.   Vivid colours convey strength as opposed to "camouflage" and pastel colours which send a message of uncertainty on the wearer's part

  • Enhance your strengths, stand tall, be proud of who you are. 

  • Build strength and authority into your voice talking louder to make sure you are heard.  Use declarations and statements instead of questions.  Speak in declarations and others will take you seriously because they know that you mean what you say. 

  • Do not limit your desires, instead find a way of valuing them.

  • Learn the distinction between the things in your power and those things that are not in your power.  There is no point on setting your heart on those things where you do not have any power (like a lovers attitude towards you or your health) Concentrate on those things that you can control. 

  • Ask for Everething because nothing less is worth having!  If you don't ask for things you will never get them.  People are drawn to big ideas and adventures, go for big things!

For more tips on how to improve your self esteem check my article on  How to be brilliantly disruptive on HubPages.

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