Thursday, October 20, 2011

Plus size Sweaters for Women

Turtle Neck Sweaters

Turtlenecks sweaters draw attention to your face, so they are best suited for women with small features or thin faces.  When wearing a plus size turtle neck sweater, make sure that your make up is flawless and your hair is well styled.  If you have long hair, you might want to try to tie it in a ponytail to free your face and add visual distance between your shoulders and neck.

Dress your sweaters up or down according to the occasion, the time of the day or your mood. 

Dress your sweater up or down with accessories to get different looks from the same sweater.  Try changing the look of a simple dark turtle neck sweater adding a gold chain with a delicate pendant for the office or funky jewellery for a day out.  Long strings of pearls also look good on top of a sweater; just make sure that the pearls are not too big and that they are long enough to visually elongate your silhouette.  A scarf is also a clever way to change the look of your outfit.  

Tailored Sweaters

If you wear a plus size you will look better with sweaters that are tailored and softly skim your figure.  Wearing plus size clothes doesn’t mean hiding behind meters of material, instead you should outline your silhouette emphasizing your best assets and skimming over your problem areas.  Avoid wearing too large or too tight sweaters.  If your sweater is too large it will make you look larger and shapeless and if it is too tight if will show off unsightly bumps.  Fashion guide video by John Eshaya showing how to wear a cocoon sweater. 

For more tips on how to wear a plus size sweater, you can visit Plus Size sweaters where to buy tyhem, how to wear them.

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