Sunday, September 25, 2011

Celebrate your curves!

Like most women I have been haunted by my body most of my life.  It is only in the past few years that I have learned to love and accept myself the way I am.  It has been a long journey and to be honest every now and again I have a setback and try a new diet or try to lose a few inches here and there.  Thankfully, I always come back to my senses and end up accepting who I am and liking the way I look. 

I think that looking good is not about having a certain body shape, but being happy with yourself.  I know this is easier said than done and that is why I have created this site to help you look good, to help you make the right choices when choosing an outfit, but also to help all those women who have a low self-esteem because they are not happy with the way they look. 

Dressing well can boost your self-esteem.  Looking good can send a completely different image of yourself. 

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